Mar 2007



Vol. 18, No. 3

Flat Stanley and Father John Korcsmar flew from Austin to Newark and then on to Paris.  While they were on the plane in Newark, the lady sitting next to them kept saying "I love you very much!"  John and Flat Stanley were about to argue over which one of them she was talking to when they realized that she was talking on the cell phone.  Such is life!

When they arrived at the Paris airport, they had to look for the TGV, the high speed train that would take them to Le Mans.  They walked and walked until they found the right place.  They eventually were able to buy their tickets and even got on the right platform.  John was a little concerned that his seat was backwards.  He had to keep looking where they had been, rather than where they were going.  At any rate, the seat had a comfortable tabletop and even an electric outlet for John's laptop.  What will the French think of next?

Fr. David Guffey gave two talks.  One was on the question: "What Is It That We Are Calling People to in Holy Cross?" His other talk was on Father Moreau.  Fr. Daniel Panchot listens very intently.
Notre Dame de Sainte Croix, the conventual church of Holy Cross Father Dujaie, Bishop Bouvier, and Father Moreau
Mother Mary is in the middle.  Fr. Moreau said to her, "You are the one I have been praying for!" The chapter room where Father Moreau resigned as superior general.
Father John Korcsmar prays at Father Moreau's tomb.  


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