April 2007



Vol. 18, No. 4


Brenda Balzabua owns and runs a language school in Austin.  She translated at the last Southern Province chapter in June 2006.  She is interested in helping John Korcsmar, and so she will be translating two of the videos: the one on Hispanic Ministry in Holy Cross and the Teaching, Healing, Praying. John Korcsmar had a meeting with the diocesan CCHD committee. Flat Stanley also came to the meeting.
Sr. Carlota LeBeouf, a Marianite of Holy Cross, works at Dolores Parish.  She celebrated 25 years as a religious along with many other Marianites who were celebrating anniversaries.  John, Sr. Rose Moreno, and Sr. Margarita went to New Orleans for the celebration.
  Sr. Carlota renews and confirms her vows.  Sr. Kay Kinberger holds the microphone.
The Marianites are so hospitable.  John and the Franciscan sisters arrived after Mass had started--John always gets lost crossing the Mississippi River.  Sr. Suellen welcomed them, offered to help get John vested to concelebrate, and found John and the sisters seats.  No wonder some of the Holy Cross priests think "wonderful Marianites" is all one word! The Marianites all renewed their vows "wholeheartedly."  That's something we should all do.



Sr. Carlota with her parents.  Her father is a deacon.  John said that her father should be proud of Carlota.  Her father quickly and wisely responded: "I am very proud of all seven of my children." Sr. Carlota and Fr. John with one of Carlota's nieces and Flat Stanley.
Sr. Stephanie Brignac seems to approve of Sr. Carlota's choice of wine! Sr. Stephanie enjoys a moment.


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