May 2007



Vol. 18, No. 5

In Austin--as in many cities in the U.S.--there was a rally and a march for immigration reform on May 1.  Father John Korcsmar laid aside his plans for his May Day celebration and went to the rally where he spoke.  He talked about the kind of immigration reform that the Justice for Immigrants Campaign (by the U.S. Bishops) would like to see.

John reads from his script.  The young lady next to him translated.. The people standing around and behind John are "peacemakers."  Their real purpose for being there is to make sure no one else gets the microphone.  John likes to think that they were willing to take a bullet for him, just like the Secret Service for the President.
One of the banners: No human being is illegal.  
Some of the crowd that was there.  There were more than John expected, to tell the truth. Another view of the crowd.




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