July 2007



"Knee-high by the 4th of July!"
Vol. 18, No. 7

Paulino Antonio Inez was ordained a Holy Cross priest at San José Parish in Tamán, San Luis Potosi, México on June 30th, 2007.  Many Holy Cross religious went from Monterrey to Tamán.  Also some of the seminarians from Moreau Seminary, Notre Dame, IN, USA came.  Paulino, whose first language is Nahuatl, is the second Mexican to be ordained a Holy Cross priest; Marin Hernández Campos, also from Tamán, was the first.

The 6 temporarily professed men from Monterrey. Pete Logsdon and Paulino and part of the multitude.
Sr. Juanita Mader, CSC and Sr. Patricia Clossey, CSC

Father Paulino

Father Paulino says a few words of thanks.  

We have received word that Fr. Ed Kadzielawski will be returning to Austin for a visit.  He said that he is coming to clean his room.  He will be staying a little over three weeks.  Many people are very glad that he will be in Austin that long.  The people at Dolores all miss him a great deal.  Fr. John Korcsmar misses him too because Ed did so much work.

We are glad that he will be with us for the three weeks, but we can't help wonder if that is because it will take that long to clean out his room!

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