Aug 2007



"If I owned Texas and hell, I'd rent out Texas and live in hell."
Frederick Law Olmsted in a letter to his wife
written to her when he was traveling in Texas.
Vol. 18, No. 8

In the Austin area, we had plenty of rain for quite a while.  The rain has finally stopped, and now the summer heat has arrived.  It has been HOT! 

Sister Carlota LeBoeuf, MSC invited Father John Korcsmar and the Franciscan Sisters to come to a Cajun shrimp dinner at the Marianites' new house.  Carlota used her mother's recipe; she called her to make sure it was just right.  And it was!

The front of the Marianites' new house The chapel with Father Moreau and Mother Mary of the Seven Dolors
Fireplace in the living room Other side of the living room
The kitchen After dinner conversation
Sr. Carlota Sr. Olivia and Sr. Margarita
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