Sept.  2007



Vol. 18, No. 9

John Korcsmar went to Tijuana, Baja California  for the Workshop on Capacitation for Pastoral de Migracion sponsored by the Conference of Mexican Bishops.  The new president of the Mexican Bishops' Conference, Bishop Gustavo Rodriguez, was there, as was the local Archbishop, Archbishop Rafael Romo, who is the bishop in charge of this particular department of the conference.

There were many different speakers, mostly drawn from the academic world, but some were also people who are working with migrants in Mexico.

One of the highlights was a Mass at the Playas de Tijuana.  This is the spot where the Mexican-U.S. border reaches the sea.  The border area is not like the border area of Nuevo Laredo and Laredo.  It has fences.  It is heavily patrolled with land vehicles and many helicopters in the air.  There are multiple fences and "stadium lights" to light up the empty fields between fences.

The actual fence goes out into the sea.  The archbishop said that it is currently being repaired.  Normally it goes out further into the sea. Some people were standing on the Mexican side near the fence.  A border patrol vehicle came over with lights flashing and seemed to sent them away.
The white marker is the official marker for the border between the two countries. The Mass at the playa.  Actually it was windy most of the time and rather chilly.

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