Mar 2007



Vol. 19, No. 3

It's finally time to get back to work with TexLaMex.

A group of students from Gilmour Academy came to Dolores Parish and San Juan Diego Mission for an immersion experience.  And what an experience they are having.  Sr. Carlota LeBoeuf, MSC has been working them during long days.  The students cooked supper at at the SW Province Center, and it was a delicious meal.  But all of them were really dragging after their day with Sister!

On Tuesday afternoon--because of all the rain--Sr. Carlota had them working around Dolores Parish.  They had a Texas BBQ lunch: sausage, chicken, and pork with all the trimmings.

Mr. Joe Lopez from Dolores who helped prepare and serve the lunch answers his phone.  Also, Sr. Carlota, Olga and Angel Ruedas also serve themselves. Mr. Lupe Carrizales who cooked the meat is on the right.  Also Sr. Mary Ann from Gilmour is walking toward the counter.
Sr. Carlota and Sr. Mary Ann at the buffet table.  

Also Fr. Paul Pudussery and Fr. Emmanuel who are from India and are working in the Eastern Province came to Austin.  Paul treated everyone to dinner at County Line. 

Bro. Thomas pauses for a reflective moment, while Fr. Charlie chows down. Fr. Emmanuel seems like a happy camper!
And now we see why he is so happy!! Fr. Paul does a good job on the BBQ as well!

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