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June 2008

After the vocation\formation meeting, John flew from Rome to Madrid.  Iberia is a wonderful airline, but John noticed a few things.  First the first class seats were the same size as the coach seats.  Just as well he wasn't upgraded.  Then the food and beverage service was entirely a la carte: they charged for everything.  John decided that he would boycott their services to bring them to reality.  We'll have to see if it does any good.

In Madrid, the Franciscan Sisters took John around and showed him a number of places and things.  Around the city there are many beautiful parks, churches, museums.  John was impressed with the number of Starbucks; a city with that much coffee must be a thoughtful place.

In the Plaza Mayor, there were a couple of mimes.  One was of a slave; he did not move at all.  The other one was an astronaut who moved when people put money in his little collection plate.  The high standard of morality of this web page does not allow for a movie or a written description of how he moved his hips when the pretty young ladies gave him money.

The plaza The astronaut
The astronaut at his stance. The mime asks the question: "Humanity has changed.  Has its essence?"

John had a very good time in Madrid.  He got to see a welcoming center in Puebla del Principe and a school in Ciudad Real.  He also saw most of Madrid by car. 

The Franciscan sisters took very good care of him.  They made sure that he always had coffee available.  They also made many, many photos available and were very willing to work on the text and to be interviewed for the video.

It seemed to appear to John when he arrived that all of Madrid had come out to welcome him.  They streets were filled with cars and trucks.  Here's hoping that they don't all come out to say good-bye!





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