July 2008



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Vol. 19, No. 7

June was very hot in Austin.  There were 20 days when the temperature went over 100 degrees.

Sister Jacinta came from Waco in order to catch her flight to Palma.  She will spend a few days in Mallorca before attending some community meetings with the Franciscan sisters.

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Each day John tries to work on the crossword puzzle.  He gets maybe ten answers.  Each day Sr. Carlota LeBoeuf comes along and finishes the puzzle in about five minutes.  She would be finished sooner, but she has to correct about six of John's answers.  Now that she is on retreat in Louisiana, John has finished two puzzles on his own.  Sr. Rose says to save them so that Carlota can correct them when she gets back.

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Sister Rose Moreno, along with Bea Lucio, David Carrizales, and Sr. Purificación, took some youth from Dolores Parish to attend the ND Vision program for youth and the program for youth ministers.  The Notre Dame web site describes the two programs:

ND Vision is committed to helping young people recognize and respond to God's call in their lives.

Since 2002, thousands of high school students have come to Notre Dame's campus to take part in this unique experience.  In 2008, participants from across the nation will join together at ND Vision to ask important questions about life, faith, their own gifts, and the ways in which we are each called to be the change we want to see in the world.

ND Vision for Campus and Youth Ministers is a summer conference series designed specifically for high school, diocesan, and parish youth ministers! ND Vision CYM is held in collaboration with ND Vision, serving both youth ministers and, through them, the young people to whom they minister. Through processes of theological exploration and personal renewal, ND Vision CYM engages high school, diocesan, and parish youth ministers in an experience of God’s call and the response of faith.

ND Vision CYM offers campus and youth ministers the opportunity to draw from the deep resources of our faith and to renew their own response to God’s call to youth ministry in a prayerful atmosphere.

While they were there, they also visited Father Ed Kadzielawski, CSC who is now living at Holy Cross House.


The youth with some of the adult leaders Enjoying the sunshine at Notre Dame
The lovely ladies Donald among the ducks

The adults had their classes.

Sr. Rose is probably buying this coffee for Fr. John.
At the grotto.  If you think there are a lot of candles there, you should see the grotto during exams!


They used to say "In Michigan let yourself go!"  Here's hoping they didn't cross that line!!!

One of the priests stops by.

Sr. Rose and Sr. Purificación Do they look a little worn out???
Father Kadz with Bea and David and the Sisters

The whole group visits Father Kadz.

David Lucio wants to see how he stacks up to Basil Moreau.

Not bad, not bad!! Looks like a match!


All these pictures are courtesy of Bea Lucio.

Father John could never have taken such good pictures.

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