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Vol. 19, No. 8
After recently arriving in South Bend, Father Len Collins attended the Wake and Funeral of Sister Guadalupe. There were eight members of Sister's family in from California. Both services were held in the Church of Lorreto at Saint Mary's. Both services were well attended by Sister Guadalupe's friends, family and sisters. Sister Clare presided at the Evening Service and introduced Guady's family and Father Len Collins as a long time friend. A beautiful summary of Guady's life was read during the ceremony starting with her birth in Mexico in 1915, her father's death defending their home during the Revolution, her move the Ventura, CA, her education with the Sisters and her joining the congregation. Her assignments were mentions from teaching for 30 years to her later years in San Antonio, TX to her years with stamps at Saint Mary's. Her fondest wish while at Saint Mary's was to return to Texas. Her love for the Hispanic Committee and their meetings was mentioned more than once.
Sister Guadalupe's Funeral Mass had Father Jim Bracke as the celebrant with Father Len Collins con-celebrating with a beautiful stole of Guadalupe in honor of Guady. Several of the sisters commented on how beautiful the stole was. One even said she was sure Gaudy was smiling at the honor. The music was bilingual and very good as was Father Jim's homily.
After Mass many present went to the Community Cemetery to place Guady's remains with her departed Holy Cross Sisters. The group then returned to the dining hall for fellowship and lunch. God bless you, Guady.


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