Sept 2008



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Vol. 19, No. 9

Alfredo Olvera Ledezma professed his perpetual vows in Holy Cross in La Capilla de San Matías Apóstol in Guadalupe, Nuevo León on Saturday, September 6, 2008.  Father David Tyson, provincial of the Indiana Province, received his vows.

Alfredo was born in Ahuacatlán, San Luis Potosi.  Father Fred Schmidt, CSC was pastor there for many years.  Fr. Schmidt witnessed Alfredo's parents' marriage and baptized Alfredo as an infant.  While Fr. Marin Hernández, from nearby Tamán, San Luis Potosi, was a seminarian he visited with Alfredo when he expressed interest in a vocation to Holy Cross.

Alfredo with his family Bro. Michael Winslow, Bro. Joseph Ruiz, and Fr. Tom Lemos
Father Zurcher addresses Alfredo. We pray the litany of the saints.
Father Tyson addressed Alfredo and receives his vows. Alfredo signs his vow formula.  Fathers Tyson, Zurcher, and Paulino Antonio look on.
Father Tyson blessed the crucifix, the sign of perpetual profession for clerics in Holy Cross.  
Father Tyson addresses the congregation. The family of Holy Cross in Monterrey
The chapel was quickly transformed into a dinning room.  200 people were seated and served within minutes.  The chapel holds 400 for liturgy. Of course, it's not a fiesta if there isn't any music.
Photos by Brother Thomas Krieter, CSC  

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