Oct 2008



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Vol. 19, No. 10

While at Notre Dame, John ran into a number of people.  Father Jack Keefe, still looking only 35 years old, is in town for an anniversary celebration.  Holy Cross religious have been in East Africa for 50 years.


Austin has always been a place where people speak their minds.

A good way to summarize the bailout.

By the way, in case you are wondering John did NOT climb up there.






With Holy Cross (priests and Marianites) and the Franciscan Sisters Daughters of Mercy here at Dolores, we try to emphasize and strengthen our charisms.  And so, we have the blessing of the animals on the Feast of St. Francis.

There was a good turnout of people, and the

weather was beautiful.
More of the people and their animals Chihuahuas were very popular.
More of the people who came John even wore a Big Dogs shirt for the occasion.

More of the animals on the next page.

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