April 2009



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The Province Review Online
Vol. 20, No. 4
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April brought with it many changes. It was announced that:

  • Father Albert Ruiz will be the new pastor of Dolores Parish. He will be the first diocesan priest to serve there as pastor, as the Indiana Province is withdrawing from Dolores.
  • Father César Guzmán will be the new pastor of San Juan Diego Mission. San Juan Diego will no longer be part of Dolores Parish and will become part of San Francisco Javier Parish, where Father César will also be the new pastor.

We wish them both well as they begin this new page in these parishes' history, as well as anew chapter in their own lives.

Austin Interfaith had their spring accountability session for the May elections for Austin City Council.  The three major candidates for mayor attended, as did 6 candidates for city council.

Over three hundred leaders gathered.  They got commitments from the candidates for a number of things:

1.  Increased funding for Capital I.D.E.A.'s adult job training,

2.  A monthly, regular meeting with the mayor,

3.  The City will do business only with companies that pay a living wage.

4.  The City will give tax abatements only to companies that pay a living wage.

5.  The mayor and city council will work with us to set up a meeting with the mayor and city council and business leaders in San Antonio and Austin to do economic development.

Some of the candidates and leaders Candidates Bill Spellman, Perla Cavazos, and Mike Martinez
Some of the crowd More of the crowd
Dulce Rivera from Dolores presents part of the vision. Joe Lopez from Dolores Parish
Father Isidore from St. Albert the Great Rev. Fred Krebs from Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Lee Leffingwell and Brewster McCracken Bill Spellman, Mike Martinez, and Perla Cavazos
Paul Skeith listens as Rebecca McIlwain speakers.  Minerva must have him well-trained. The three candidates for mayor: Lee Leffingwell, Carl Strayhorn, and Brewster McCracken


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