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Vol. 20, No. 10
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Bro. Donald Blauvelt, CSC, provincial, receives the vows of Bro. Jesús.  "In the name of the Church and in the name of the Congregation of Holy Cross, I accept your vows.  May God who has begun this good work in you bring it to completion."
Bro. Jesús "Chuy" Alonso, CSC, a member of the Southwest Province of Brothers, made his profession of perpetual vows on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2009.  It was an occasion to celebrate for all of Holy Cross, especially the formation community in Mexico.  Five Holy Cross seminarians from Guadalupe, Nuevo León, MX, along with Tom Zurcher, CSC, and Aaron Michka, CSC, traveled from Monterrey to Austin for this community event.  Bro. Jesús (left) is pictured with Carlos Augusto Jacobo de los Santos, CSC, a 2nd year theology student in the Province formation program in Guadalupe, Nuevo León.
Bro. Donald Blauvelt, CSC, provincial superior of the South-West Province with Bro. Jesús Alonzo.
Bro. Nick Perez with Bro. Jesús
Seminarians from Mexico at Bro. Jesús Alonso's profession of perpetual vows.  Margarito Domínguez Bautista, Armando Morales Trejo, Elvart Pinaicobo Atiare, and Juan Ramón Alcudia García.
The day after the final vows celebration the seminarians and priests went to the Spanish Mass at St. Ignatius, Martyr Parish.  The new pastor, Fr. Bill Wack, CSC, provided a gracious welcome on a weekend when he was was very busy with Masses and retreats.  Fr. Tom Lemos, CSC, was also in Austin for the profession of perpetual vows and joined in the parish Spanish Mass on Sunday.  Picture from left to right outside St. Ignatius:  Carlos Augusto Jacobo de los Santos, Margarito Domínguez Bautista, Tom Zurcher, Elvart Pinaicobo Atiare, Armando Morales Trejo, Aaron Michka, Juan Ramón Alcudia García, and Tom Lemos.

Both the professed seminarians and postulants in Mexico set up an Altarcito for the Day of the Dead, All Souls Day.  In this picture, the pictures of the deceased members of our family, the five priests from the Province who died from Nov 2, 2008 until now, are placed on the altar as a way to remember and pray for them. 


This is a custom throughout the homes of Mexico.  Families set up an altar to remember their beloved dead.  There are different items that get placed on the altar.  1.  Cempasúchil - a yellow/orange colored flower that signifies the eternal life of the dead with God.  2.  Candles - to light the way for the souls of the dead so that they can arrive home.  3.  Water - the fountain of life, symbolizes the purity of the soul and eases the thirst of the dead.  4.  Incense and burner - cleans the place of it's evil spirits, uniting heaven and earth.  5.  Bread - represents the bodies of the dead.  Some bread is in human form, other in the form of bones or skulls.  6.  Food and drink - to prepare for the visit of the beloved dead, their preferred food and drink is placed on the table.  7.  Skulls - made of sugar or chocolate, they represent the image of the dead.

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