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Things Santa Should Know When Checking His List

Online Edition
Vol. 20, No. 11  

"Are You He Who Is To Come, Or Shall We Look for Another?"

With the beginning of Advent and the greater awareness of the coming of the Messiah, Notre Dame has fired their football coach. Now all of the wondering and searching and hoping and waiting.

If only there were as much yearning and looking for Christ as there is for the a football coach.

Day of Recollection

With the beginning of Advent, Fatima House had a day of recollection. Father John Korcsmar gave a reflection and then we had a few hours with the Blessed Sacrament exposed. We closed with Benediction.

Thanksgiving Day

Father John Korcsmar went to his brother's house for Thanksgiving. Bonnie (Andy's wife and John's sister-in-law) prepared a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Maisy (the Labradoodle) had a good time chasing the ball all over the living room. A good time was had by all, except Mr. Turkey.

Middle Eastern Food

Father Joe Corpora is working in the A.C.E. office at Notre Dame. He came by to take John to lunch. They ended up in a Middle Eastern restaurant. John liked the food. It was very different, but very good. John kept looking for the belly-dancer, but there wasn't any.

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