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April 2010

"All the News That Is Fit to Print, and Some That Ain't"

April Wishes

The entire editorial, news, advertising, circulation, business, and maintenance departments of TexLaMex would like to wish you a Happy Feast Day as we begin April. (But I'd think about it if I were you!)

TAP Banquet

TAP (Transforming Action Through Power), a regional community organization, had its second annual banquet on Tuesday, April 20, 2010. There was an economic summit among the clergy before the banquet. There was music, food, a keynote at the banquet. A good time was had by all!


The music group was from the Catholic Worker House. Rev. David Gerth
Mayor Steve Luecke and Maritza Robles Fr. Chris Cox, C.S.C.
Fr. John Korcsmar and Juan Soto: What do these two have in common?