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2010 Holy Cross History Conference

Each year sisters, brothers and priest of Holy Cross gather in a different section of the country for the Holy Cross Historical Society. Invitations are extended for people to write and present papers on different aspects of the history of Holy Cross.

This year they held the 29th Annual Conference onn the History of the Congregations of Holy Cross at Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, IN. The presents and their talks included:


Bro. Larry Stewart Fr. Jim Connely
Bro. Larry Stewart makes an announcement and awards a door prize. Fr. Jim Connely announces other events about the day.
Fr. Jim Denn Fr. John Vandenbosch
Fr. Jim Denn delivered a paper on the general chapter of 1932 and some attempts to separate the priests and the brothers into two different congregations. Fr. John Vandenbosch gave a paper on the poetry of Fr. Christopher J. O'Toole, C.S.C.
group photo two sisters
The participants of the 2010 Conference on the Congregations of Holy Cross  
two sisters
Brother John Paige, Vicar General of the Congregation of Holy Cross Sr. Elaine M.S.C. and Sr. Kathleen, M.S.C.