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July Celebrations

Early July has lots of celebrations at Notre Dame.

Cook Out at Holy Cross House

The first one was a "cook out" at Holy Cross House. It was all indoors in the dining room, but all of the tables were set with plastic silverware and paper plates. The tableclothes were a red-checker design. The menu included BBQ baby back pork ribs, grilled shrimp, and corn on the cob. Several of the men from Fatima and a few others also attended.

Andy Sebesta and Bro Fulgence Bill Donahue
Fr. Andy Sebesta and Bro. Fulgence Dougherty Fr. Bill Donahue: Maybe the ice cream reminds him of Blue Bell.
Kadz Joe Tate
Fr. Ed Kadzielawski gives thanks to God for a wonderful meal. He said, "It was just marvelous!!"
Fr. Joe Tate
Lou Rink LeHane and Struble
Fr. Lou Rink likes the idea of the cook out.
Fr. Joe LeHane and Bro. Rodney Struble
Bob Hofman Dutch O'Connor
Fr. Bob Hofman
Fr. Dutch O'Connor
Ed O'Connor Maury Amen
Fr. Ed O'Connor
Fr. Maury Amen


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